Our ways of nannying

The childcare approaches used by Nature's Nannies. 

Forest childcare

The forest childcare approach promotes positive outdoor learning experiences. Children have the freedom to explore rich, varied environments that are safe and provide more opportunities to take risks within limits - enabling them to navigate, explore and discover new skills.   

This gives children as many opportunities to be outside and make connections through nature. They  learn about the world around them, how to care for it and their roles within it. 


The Montessori childcare method sees the child-carer as a guide. There is no fixed task set by the nanny, just an activity that's guided by the interests of the child. 

We provide environments that are physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing. Invented by and named after an Italian physician and educator,  this approach lets the child lead their own way of learning, allowing for choice and freedom within limits.


This alternative approach emphasizes the significance of artistry, crafts, creativity and imagination. The child develops skills such as initiative, innovation and adapting to an ever-changing world.  

Whether it's art, baking or music, this approach encourages children to use their minds and to tap into creativity in their own time. Evidence shows that steiner students are sought after in higher education, particularly for their resourcefulness and open-minded backgrounds. 


Pikler portrays a respectful and equal relationship between child and nanny. This alternative approach is more about making the child aware of their surroundings and his or herself. It can be achieved through freedom of movement, uninterrupted play time, a co-operative relationship, and slowing down to make sure activities aren't rushed. 


This alternative approach revolves around respect, responsibility and consideration for others. It incorporates self-guidance and communicating through mediums like drama and painting. It's about encouraging the child to develop their own personality in earlier years and allowing for self-expression. 


RIE childcare is a task that mostly relies on the consciousness of the nanny. The nanny will think carefully about how they respond to an action or reaction from a child. This means having empathy for what the child is thinking, feeling or wanting to do - especially if they don't yet talk. 

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