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Meet Sophie, the founder of Nature's Nannies

I created Nature’s Nannies agency because I saw the need for a more personal and nature-based way of nannying.  

Green believer

There’s an ongoing pressure for parents to get children away from screens and into the great outdoors. Ever since I became a nanny 12 years ago, I’ve tried to relieve some of that stigma by making use of landscape, sensory experiences and the environment around us. It gives children the chance to roam free, discover their personalities, and make the most of our natural surroundings. 

Well-travelled nanny

Having worked as a nanny across the UK, Europe, South and North America, I've practised holistic and nature-based play in any given environment. Every interest or hobby differs from child to child and I suggested adventures or tasks that suited them – from making faces out of mud to painting pebbles and crafting baby sensory. 


Encouraging educator 

Children are capable. If we send a message of trust and confidence to our children, that translates to self-esteem. We want to help them to discover themselves and their roles within our world. In the plastic crisis we are now facing, turning to eco-friendly toys helps towards saving our planet, but also contributes to imagination and creativity.

Mother of one 

Now a new mum, I see the positive influence of these approaches every day. My daughter already loves to explore, and I can’t wait for her to reminisce about a childhood of nature-filled expeditions, seeing the world one adventure at a time. 

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